For employee login to the Alcatel-Lucent extranet: 

  • Employees with a Corporate Short Login (CSL)/Password (CIP) should enter their CSL credentials. 
  • All other employees should click the SSO Login button and use SSO intranet login credentials.


Why am I getting a fatal error when logging in? If you Nokia account was set up without an NT account / user domain, your login will fail. Please open a ticket with the IT Service Desk to request an NT account (NTUSERDOMAIN ATTRIBUTE) be added to your profile. Alternately, you can request that your line manager Order a legacy ALU Active Directory account.

1. Are there specific instructions for first time access? Yes, users attempting SSO login on the Alcatel-Lucent extranet pages for the first time should follow these instructions.

2. How can I clear my browser cookies? Each browser (and sometimes version) has its own method of clearing cookies. Find steps to delete cookies on the common browsers here:

 3. Is there a preferred browser for SSO login use?  Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Chrome browsers were tested and verified prior to cross use deployment. Post deployment, some employees are reporting inability to use IE 11 (typically receiving a 'page cannot be displayed' error); the issue is currently under investigation. At this time, Firefox is the preferred browser for Alcatel-Lucent extranet access via SSO Login. 

4. What should I do if I get an error when I attempt to log in? If you receive an error when you attempt to log into the Alcatel-Lucent extranet with your SSO intranet login credentials or CSL/CIP, please contact IT Service Desck to open a ticket:

IT Service Desk

For most efficient response, initiate your ticket request via email. Include a description of the issue, the browser you are using and supporting screen shots. Request ticket assignment as follows: 

Error Action
For server error:

Request ticket assignment to the  'Siteminder team': 

For proxy error: NOTE: Check first to confirm that your browser proxy automatic configuration script settings are correct: 

If the issue remains, open a ticket and request ticket assignment to the  'Networking team':

For other errors: Request ticket assignment to the  ' EBUS support team': 



5. Can I use my bookmarks or deep links with SSO Login?  Due to cross-use complexities between the corporation authentication directories, bookmarks and deep links are "lost" during the login process. After you are logged in, however, you can click the bookmark or deep link and proceed to the page.

6. Why can't I access ALED/Software Downloads? Some employees are reporting issues accessing the ALED/Software download server ( Server timeout/interruption or proxy errors occur; this seems to be a problem with networking or proxy configuration in some areas of the company. A request (NSSR 10491092)  has been opened with the former Alcatel-Lucent help desk. Employees who experience this issue are also encouraged to open an individual ticket with their IT team to request support in debugging the issue. 

You can bypass the proxy and use the internal link by changing the or or to and leave everything else the same. Note that downloading from this server may take longer from some locations due to  network latency.

For example:

Also, please review the following information on proxy set-up recommended by the ALED team:

 7. How can I take United States National Security Agency (NSA) training? Find the list of available NSA training courses (online & offline) here: